When you think about the most popular companies, you probably think about their brand rather than the company itself. When you think about McDonald’s, you see the big, yellow arch. When you think about Apple, you see the Apple logo.

Branding is important. There’s no question about that, but what exactly makes it so important.

We’re going to get into the nitty-gritty of what branding is and why it is so important. Keep reading so that you know the answer to the question, “what is branding.”

What Is Branding?

Whether you view company branding as a visual project or a strategic activity, it’s all the same. Branding controls how others see you or your company. In a marketing culture as heavy as ours, branding is essential for companies as well as individuals.

Branding can be strict or fun. It can be intentional or accidental. It can be whatever you make it or whatever others make it.

Branding is pretty loose. In fact, many people don’t understand that branding is constantly taking place even if they don’t know it.

Branding Is Important

Branding is important because it defines what a company or an individual is. Branding is what separates one entity from another. Believe it or not, you’re branded.

Your brand defines who you are to others. It’s what makes you you.

Having a clear brand is important for any company or individual. Brandon may determine whether someone gets in contact with you or your company. It’s what people see when they think about your company or even see your company online.

Overall, a brand is a promise. Whenever a company makes a brand, they typically tie that brand to different attributes. These can include trustworthiness, honesty, loyalty, and more.

When they are creating the brand, they are saying that they will be these things for their customers. If they don’t follow through on that brand/promise, they could lose customers along the way.

This is also why branding clearly is pertinent. You don’t wanna mislead or incorrectly persuade your customers to think something about your company that isn’t true.

Anti-Branding Still Brands You

Most individuals don’t think that they are branding themselves. In fact, they may not be doing anything to brand themselves at all.

However, anti-branding is still branding. You may not have intentionally created a brand for yourself, but we guarantee that others have made that brand for you.

Your brand comes about and how you treat others, how you interact with the general public, and how you are overall. Whatever kind of person you are, makes you a brand.

If you are someone or represent a company that doesn’t want branding, you should reconsider. Branding can be a great way to bring in other people if you are an individual and other customers if you are a brand.

If you aren’t actively seeking to shape your image, you’re letting everybody else do it for you. Take control now before others paint an incorrect picture.

International Branding

Everyone knows that branding is everywhere. In Western society, branding is much more common because of the marketing bubble. However, branding still exists internationally.

Think about some international companies that you know. Someone in the United States is going to see the same branding that someone in China sees. Of course, some companies do change their branding depending on what country that specific location is located in.

Overall, branding can be found anywhere that you are in the world. This is because, no matter what society you live in, branding has an impact.

Customers Decide Branding

Whether you create an active brand image yourself or not, your customers and followers are creating one for you. The brand that they see is going to be constructed by what you’re posting, what you’re liking, who you’re following, and more of your social activities.

Even if you have a very strict brand, they will make an image for you. You want the image that they see to line up with the image you make.

For example, a company that is trying to make a brand of trustworthiness and loyalty wouldn’t want their customers to see them as liars or cheaters. A client who had a bad situation with one of their employees could perceive the brand as mean or ungrateful, which doesn’t line up with what they envisioned for their branding.

This is where consistent branding matters.

Keeping Branding Consistent

Having consistent branding is important across social media platforms, locations, employees, and everything else having to do with your business or individual self. Having a brand with positive attributes in one location and a brand with negative attributes and another location is negative overall.

Customers don’t want to be confused when they’re thinking about working with a company. They don’t want to see that you are lighthearted in one city and mean-spirited in another.

They also don’t want to go to your Facebook page and see that you’re a serious company then find out that you’re a playful company on your Instagram page. Neither is bad, but both together is.

Consistent branding just makes sure that your customers aren’t confused when one thing doesn’t match the other. You want to make sure that your company is making one cohesive message that you’re keeping under control.

Controlling Your Branding

Customers and other individuals may make your branding official in the social world, but you get to control your branding as a whole. If you are receiving negative comments and thoughts online about your business, you can spin these into positive ones by responding with positive messages.

If you notice that a location has gone astray from your brand message, you can address that specific location and bring them back on track.

The key to controlling your branding is making sure that you understand what your brand is and how people are perceiving your brand to be. Doing this starts with a simple Google search about you or your company or whatever brand you’re trying to control.

Make sure to take hold of all the negative comments and turn them into positive ones. However, you can’t address your brand is a whole until you understand what you want your brand to be.

Set aside some time and think about what attributes you want people to associate with your brand. What do you want people to think about when your company’s name comes up or when your personal name comes up?

Brands Are Evolving

Because of constant social media changes and trends, brands seem to evolve every single day. Branding is no longer simple.

Many companies that want to stay modern have to stay trendy online. In order to do this, they have to change their brand goals.

For example, companies may tackle online challenges to get social media attention. This didn’t use to happen. There weren’t challenges for companies to take up.

Instead, companies used to make their brand out of social isolation. They had to guess what people wanted based on focus groups or simple customer observation. Now, they have to keep up with the Internet which we all know is changing every single day.

All of that being said, it’s important to note that something cool today may not be cool tomorrow. Companies have to be careful about what challenges they’re being involved in or what trends they are taking part in.

Depending on how things change, this could leave them in worse shape than they were before.

What Is Brand Management?

Because branding is so difficult in today’s times, many companies decide to opt for brand management services. These are professionals that are experts at making and keeping up with branding.

If understanding branding is difficult for you, you may want to take advantage of grand management services and everything that they have to offer. They could even help you re-construct your company or start a new one if you’re looking to do that.

Whatever your company’s goals are, these experts can help you work with those and make a great name for your company in today’s ever-changing climate. Don’t be afraid to give a brand consultant a call and get an idea about how they can help your company make it big in an industry that may be changing every day.

Every company has some sort of brand management system. Make sure that yours isn’t lagging behind.

Who Can I Contact For Brand Management Services?

So, what is branding? Well, it’s how everyone sees you, and it can be a great way of controlling the narrative about your company.

If you can control your brand, you can control how everyone sees your company. This is important, especially if you find that your company is on a downturn.

Reach out to us if you’re looking for great brand management services. You can email us at hellofrenchy.co.uk. to get the best brand management services for your business.

When it comes to branding, you can never be too careful. Let us help you with your branding issues before things spin out of your control.

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